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The laptop you already own will do nicely thanks to their built-in cameras and microphones.Ars Technica’s Nate Anderson wrote a disturbing piece last year revealing how hackers, including unsophisticated teenage boys who purchase the right software, routinely infect and take over the laptops of thousands of innocent victims so they can watch them through their laptop cameras.

I contacted Microsoft Canada for comment and its PR folks replied with much the same answer: they were unaware of such a spying program and strongly opposed any such action by government.But in reality, it’s more of a gamer’s phone sex line, dressed in Ed Hardy.Game Crush charges a whopping .25 per 6 to 10 minutes of chat time with a female “gamer” (or, more likely, female opportunist with a high tolerance for sweaty nerditude) who are called, no lie, “Play Dates.” These Play Dates (try to control the full-body shudder you should be experiencing every time you read those words) are paid around an hour and have the option of branding themselves “flirty” or “dirty,” just in case anybody had any hope left that this was just a gamer’s dating service.These are liberating tools that allow for surprisingly human contact (as the Yahoo story shows), and we are better off for them. Communications technology is like a window in your house. It also lets people passing by look inside your home. Here’s how pathetic Game Crush is: it modeled its service after the behavior of a desperate man trying to get a girl’s attention at a bar by buying her an eight-dollar drink.

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