Joe manganiello dating

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"He loves that I love to work, that I love to be creative, that I'm always planning my ventures, that I'm always excited about work and about business," she gushed."He loves that.""I think the important thing that I have learned [about balancing work and family] is that you have to learn how to delegate. "You have to surround yourself with people you know can help you.

You also have two stars who actually seem like they would get along in real life.

And then when I get in the car again at 5 o'clock and I have to go to dinner, I just change into a high pair of heels and feel ready to go." "To be honest with you, for me, putting on heels is not an effort.

It's an effort not to wear them," she confessed with a laugh.

Vergara and Manganiello's careers have only grown since they tied the knot in November 2015.

But as the actress revealed, it's her ambition and entrepreneurial spirit that her husband might love most about her.

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