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For a while, Seraph fought solo, trying to think of ways to revive the Global Guardians. Backup story involving Israeli super-hero "The Seraph", modeled after characters in the Torah. thread ID=2000072443&start=15; viewed ): ponypants Posted: May 1, 2006 AM Speaking of minorities...

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Have Jewish leaders checked the comic shops recently? Modern comic books -- lively keystones of American popular culture -- aren't afraid to feature numerous new heroes... Nor do comic books shy away from topics of particular Jewish interest, such as interdating... Discusses the Jewish super-heroes Seraph, the Blasters, Colossal Boy, Ragman, Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family, Mindboggler, Ramban, Golem, Judith, Dybbuk, Nuklon, Phantom Stranger and Sabra. The two most powerful Jewish heroes are Marvel's Sabra and DC's Seraph... His G-d given powers are a few notches below Superman level, but he's portrayed as a major player - super strength and invunerablitiy (Samson), super wisdom (Solomon), teleportation, and a unique power from his staff (Moses) to split things in half.

#38 The Seraph misuses his powers against criminals, almost killing one of them.

G-d intervenes, temporarily stripping him of his powers.

I know the Spear of Destiny is laced with the blood of Christ, but is there anything else that's been mentioned?

fallentaco October 25th, 2006, AM Well, there's the Crime Bible, made from the rock Cain used to slay Able, the Spectre, and I think all religions exist, they just are underplayed. Stormking October 25th, 2006, AM I think the DCU has the Campbellian ideal: All Religions Are True. We have a pagan Greek, an alien, an agnostic, an Native American Spiritualism follower, and that's all I can think of right now.

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