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However, I feel hurt and embarrassed when my name is repeatedly not on the list, because of what you have described as a clerical error when typing your email.

Everyone in an organization has the right to fair, respectful treatment. Save related emails and document conversations with your boss, in case things don’t change and you need to file a hostile environment complaint with management.

Openly discussing workplace culture and pointing out unfair treatment may deflate a bully or correct unacceptable behavior.

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Sometimes organisations are reluctant to take action against the offender, perhaps because they hold important relationships, bring in significant revenue, or for fear they will become litigious if challenged.

Look for ways of connecting with your boss on a human level around shared outside interests.

Example: If your boss is angry and downright mean, you face a more serious problem.

Your boss may not be consciously aware of the toxic environment being created.

Confronting signs of intimidation can be a risky but effective strategy.

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