How scoiet deals with interracial dating

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Many of my friends and family were surprised when I, a black woman, started dating a white guy. I’ve been completely immersed in black and Latino culture my entire life, from childhood to school to what I cook and even a good chunk of what I read and watch in my free time.When my boyfriend and I started dating, it was was all fun and video games (we’re both painfully geeky, which is what kicked this thing off in the first place) until talk turned to race, and we saw just how much ground we’d have to cover.Durrow plays with the boundaries between races, and in the process raises some seriously interesting questions about race and social expectations.It’s also probably a pretty good read for any interracial couples who are on the track to having mixed babies.Here are few books that just might help you do that, or at the very least, help you come up with your own (maybe more culturally specific) list: Essays are a really great way to see the society-level issues on a more personal level, and James Baldwin is one of the best social critics and essayists of all time.Notes of a Native Son is a collection of essays, so you get to look at a bunch of different social and personal issues of race in one book.

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Getting an idea of the roots of why our cultures are different can be just as important as learning to appreciate his grandma’s menudo.S are as important to the history of Latin America as the Aztecs.The social and political situation of a country or culture today often has everything to do with a long history of exchange, dominance, and exploitation with other cultures.Click Here To Buy OK, this one is mostly on here for fun, and because it is the absolute opposite of a “self-helpy, couples therapy book.” But don’t write it off completely.Every couple needs to have some laughs, and this comic, besides being absolutely brilliant, also features an interracial (interspecies? And, it turns out, even an interracial alien couple adventuring through space faces some of the same challenges as the rest of us.

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