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9) If you don’t know what to get for a holiday or birthday, a gift card to the feed store is ALWAYS a good option.

If you have messed up somehow, this is an excellent way to get out of the dog house.

Just saying.” Thanks to Equi-SMART for posting this, they sure did nail it!

Here, at playing games that have horse jumping tag you, in fact, will play one of the most basic ideas of all horse games – horse jumping.

Equestrians have a passion that’s unlike any other. 6) That not-a-morning-person that you are used to will completely disappear on the mornings a trailer must be hooked up for a horse-related event.If you want to spend significant time with your equestrian, you need to develop a useful skill….as driving a tractor, shoveling, operating a video camera, leatherwork of any sort, or becoming a veterinarian. Yes, the truck and trailer rig will likely be at least half the cost of your house.Arguing about this is unwise, your equestrian will happily LIVE in the truck and trailer and suggest selling the house.In fact, don’t mention the injury or the horse if you can avoid it.Suggesting they should avoid riding until they are healed will probably get you a crutch upside the head.

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