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All these information were of those people who were registered with Successfulmatch.com, so anyone whose profile registered with the site was vulnerable.

So when the first court papers were served to the site it was clearly stated that the website offered 100% confidentiality and advertised it in that same light.

The problem with the arrangement was that they offered software and database assistance but they didn’t exactly keep a tab on the information that was taken from the website.

So in effect people could have taken any detail and information from the database.

It also opens a door for discrimination and that in turn can result in the plaintiff suffering from further humiliation.

The anonymity clause undertaken by the court was to the point and hence this case was known as Doe vs. This is something that the sites should have done themselves.

But in reality the whole confidentiality mentioned in the agreement was a farce at it shared information with over 1000 third party sites.People suffering from this disease are often humiliated and called names and for them their dating life is as good as dead.But with the turn of the century they also found different avenues to get back to dating life.At first the plaintiff did agree that after the completion of the registration process he was provided with a link.It was a link which was more like an enquiry about the candidate.

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