Hep c and dating

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We do tests, such as blood tests that measure liver enzymes, an ultrasound or a special type of ultrasound called a Fibro Scan, or a Fibro Sure biomarker test to try to figure out how much damage is being caused.

Hepatitis C is different from other kinds of hepatitis.

But, we now are seeing instances when men who have sex with men got hep C through sex.

If you have anal receptive sex—if a guy sticks his penis in your butt without wearing a condom—it’s possible to get hep C if your partner is infected.

Something is different between anal sex and vaginal sex where people with vaginas don’t get hep C from vaginal sex.

The thinking is that the cellular connections in the rectum [the butt] are more fragile than in the vagina which may account for the fact that it’s easier to get hep C through anal sex than through vaginal sex.

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