Harley jane kozak dating dead men the dating game rules

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In 1996, Kozak appeared in the mini-series Titanic along with Peter Gallagher and Catherine Zeta Jones.

She played the role of Bess Allison, a mother who dies while searching her missing baby at the time when RMS Titanic sinks.

Kozak also appeared in "Cold Lazarus", a first-season episode of Stargate SG-1, as Sara O'Neill.

Kozak has written five novels: Dating Dead Men (2004), Dating Is Murder : A Novel (2005), Dead Ex (2007), and A Date You Can't Refuse (2008), all of which feature greeting-card designer and amateur sleuth Wollie Shelley, a woman with very eccentric friends and family.

She filmed the pilot, but was asked to withdraw from the series when she became pregnant with her first child, because they did not want her character to be pregnant.

I was expecting it to be a little more humourous with the title. I enjoyed the bit of murder-mystery with the story.

I didn’t enjoy the bitching about wanting to be a willkommen store (which since her store is named welcome, adding that on for anyone who speaks German will basically make her store name ‘Welcome Welcome’ and I find that as stupid as people who call chai ‘chai tea’ because you’re saying ‘tea tea’ but I can’t say us Americans are necessarily smart when it comes to words that didn’t originate here or words that have).

Like selective mutism (even though it’s not really entirely accurate it’s the closest hers comes because she gave up talking for Lent). Though I kind of felt that the schizophrenic person was a bit of a caricature of it I can’t really say they were or weren’t because I don’t have much experience with it and can’t judge.

But some of the personality traits that didn’t feel caricature-ish felt like very real schizophrenia from what I’ve read in books from people with schizophrenia (which is my only reference point outside of reading the DSM-V).

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