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Rikaart: Keeping the secret that Chloe is alive will be a lot more challenging for Kevin in the coming weeks!You can expect some fun twists ahead for Kevin and Chloe, and they may be bringing someone else along for the ride...It's sort of the past and present colliding, and I think, as we're starting to see with Billy, it seems like we're revisiting some of the trauma caused by Delia's death, and I think there's going to be more to see about that.Soap Central: I love how Delia's death has been reverberating for so long, yet the writers find new ways to explore it, and it doesn't feel like, "Why are we going there again?

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Soap Central: Yes, especially because you're working on Y&R again, as well. Especially because Kevin is causing so much fun trouble this time around. Rikaart: No, because I've worked with [head writer] Josh Griffith before, and I think he's wonderful.Does she have cause to be worried about her son-in-law?Rikaart: Now that Chloe is alive, I'm sure some of her concern has been alleviated." Rikaart: I think a tragedy like that doesn't live in a vacuum.I think it becomes part of the fabric of who you are, and you don't get over it. Soap Central: Something that has sort of changed up the dynamic a little is Mark Grossman, who is now playing Adam. And there's a darkness that he taps into, a darkness that I think the character calls for. We had a failed business venture at one point, and I think Kevin felt pretty screwed over by him.

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