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Jonathan Clements, a member of the panel who is the creator of the Humble Dollar blog, talked about how some of his kids’ friends are finishing college and taking a year to travel the world, then returning to be Starbucks baristas, with little hope of paying off their college debt quickly.

Parents can do a lot to get their children interested in investing.

One of the topics Bogleheads discussed was how to get the younger generation–my generation–interested in personal finance and investing.

The Bogleheads panel of experts expressed their concern that the younger generation doesn’t seem to care about finance.

The conference as a whole was incredibly entertaining, educational, and a valuable experience.

While I highly recommend attending the conference if you can, I recognize this may not be possible for everyone.

Stock Investing For Students A Plan To Get Rich Slowly And Retire Young.

Self-investing starting at a young age can ensure a successful financial future and an early and comfortable retirement. The answer includes such factors as the social pressures facing our youth, certain pre-conceived ideas regarding our ability to successfully self-invest and the education or lack thereof needed to motivate our youth to undertake such a long-term project.

Then explain that when someone buys a cup of coffee from Starbucks, This can also be an opportunity to show your kids that they can vote with their wallet by supporting companies whose values align with their own.

In fact, day trading (aka actively buying and selling stocks) leads to losing money 80% of the time according to one study.

The Bogleheads caution against being an emotional investor because this leads to making too many changes and poor investment returns in the long run. Bogle recommends investing in a diverse portfolio and investing in low-cost index funds.

However, anyone can learn good financial habits and it’s never too late to get started.

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