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Transgender people suffer dysphoria (being uneasy or unsatisfied with life); this can be about their facial appearance, hair, breasts, genitalia etc.

This means they might not be comfortable with this features on their body, not because the style is wrong but because it doesn’t reflect the person they know they are and can actually cause them to feel emotionally broken.

Therefore calling a Transgender Mt F or Ft M is sometimes deemed offensive because the generally accepted term is “trans woman” instead of Mt F and “trans man” instead of Ft M.

It is less provocative to use them except in the cases where it is certain that a person is comfortable with the terms Mt F or Ft M.

Compatibility is rated on a unique algorithm system to form ideal matches.

The focus on serious relationships is unique compared to most other transgender dating sites, making it ideal for those seeking a long-term commitment with a trans woman or trans man.

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A transgender man, he received the AVN Award as the Transsexual performer in 2017.

Trans offers the best of the best when it comes to the world of transgender dating sites.

It uniquely focuses on relationships as opposed to random hookups.

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