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[Facebook 10 Years Later: A Look Back (Infographic)]The survey asked people about their marital status, how they met their partners and how satisfied they were with their marriages.

About 5 percent of the people had been divorced in the survey's time frame, with no real difference between those who had met through social media versus more traditional routes such as through friends.

LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE She is part of the project “Surfing for Love” at the University of Manitoba.

It seems to me that location and position also play an important role in the decision of engaging in online dating.Canada seems to be one such prominent location, especially among immigrants.I’d be really interested in reading more about how the online dating world may affect women’s sexuality.One of the most striking findings so far is that there’s a huge contradiction between what women say about the popularity of online dating sites on the one hand and, on the other hand, their own sense of almost shame, and certainly secrecy about it. Frohlick says she hopes the study will shed more light on how the online dating world might be changing women’s sexuality.She would like to find more study participants from across Canada, including women who are looking for same-sex partners.

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