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It's amazing how prone Republicans are to ignore the more than two million veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of whom are millennials.— Sandra Newman (@sannewman) August 30, 2019we've been at war for 18 years.

(The program would not apply to anyone previously convicted of sexting or of any other sex-related offense.) All courts would be required to devise and operate their own "sexting educational diversion program" and allow people charged under the new sexting statute to do the program as an alternative to prosecution.

These programs would focus on not just "legal consequences of and penalties for sharing sexually explicit digital materials" but also the effect of sexting "on relationships, the possible loss of educational and employment opportunities, and the possibility of being barred or removed from school programs and extracurricular activities," and "how the unique characteristics of cyberspace and the internet, including searchability, replicability, and an infinite audience, can produce long-term and unforeseen consequences for sharing sexually explicit digital materials."So sexting teenagers might not get labeled child pornographers, but they could still wind up with a criminal record or, at the very least, a lot of court dates and a bullshit DARE-style class on how sexting will ruin their lives. If it passes, prosecutors can still bring child porn charges against minors sharing photos of themselves or possessing pics of their peers.

"Many people—especially women—get unwanted sexually explicit pictures by text or social media. Ken White of @Popehat digs into why this is not true on the latest @Make No Law.????

Ohio state lawmakers have proposed a bill that would ban sexting between teenagers, potentially turning thousands of ordinary young Ohioans into sex offenders.

Its sponsors are pitching this as a step against overcriminalization, since the state would no longer have to prosecute minors—or anyone ages 18 to 20—with possession of child porn when they consensually exchange explicit pics with their peers. It was inspired by a case in Hill's district in which a young man killed himself after being arrested for sexting."The sponsors of the bill hope to give young people involved in situations like this a second chance with a diversion program, rather than having them permanently labeled as felons and sex offenders," Klaber says.

Is that the peace and prosperity that the greatest generation paved for us like you say? Mw RGbx GPV— Joe Leatherman (@speak_in_vowels) August 29, 2019And while Trump has been talking down these military misadventures, his actions don't always reflect the same.

As Lucy Steigerwald wrote here in January: The long life of the Afghan war makes it hard to remember how popular it was when it began.

As the fighting began, 80 percent of America supported it. Barbara Lee (D–Calif.) was prescient enough to vote against the Authorization for Use of Military Force and its open-ended-enough-to-attack-a-dozen-more-countries wording.

But after "Trump announced a new Afghan strategy last August and committed more troops to the country," Mc Carthy writes, "the number of bombs dropped by the U. coalition has surged dramatically."Sexting illegal in Texas without affirmative consent. Elizabeth Warren's "economic patriotism" is just protectionism dressed up in a different phrase, writes J. "Protectionism and nationalism would still draw retaliation."Politicians like Sen.

Texas is enacting a law making it illegal to text or direct message someone an unsolicited image of a "sexually explicit" nature. @Ted Cruz argue the law requires social media sites like @Facebook and @Twitter to be "neutral public forums".

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