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It saves times and reduces the chances that you'll make a mistake.

Besides using Word's built-in features (such as the Insert menu's Date and Time or Page Numbers commands) to insert fields, you can also add fields to your document using two other methods: using the Field dialog box and manually, as discussed in the next few sections.

(In this book, I use the all-uppercase format in the code examples.

There are often several items in the field instructions, and these items can include document elements (such as the name of a bookmark) and switches.When it does, the result displayed by the field also changes when the field is updated.Even if you've never used fields directly (or haven't even heard of them), you've probably worked with fields at least indirectly.I don't know how to infinitely check this list, without either a) doing an infinite loop or b) thread.a) Crashes the GUI, as it is an infinite loop b) produces an error saying: Layout(layout) Geometry(400, 100, 100, 400) Qt Gui.

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