Dropbox not updating on my computer

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If you have a firewall installed on your computer, it may be blocking Dropbox's attempts to access the Internet.

Open your firewall's settings to make sure Dropbox is whitelisted; make sure this is the case on all your computers.

As with all troubleshooting, we will begin with the most basic checks and work towards the more complex.

Perform each step in order and retest after each one.

Log in to your account via the website, then use the file check tool (see Resources).

These files can often be accessed from the website, but not downloaded.

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If Dropbox has gotten stuck on one of your computers, it may be unable to upload or download files properly.

It is possible that your files have synced correctly to the cloud, but Dropbox is unable to read them correctly.

A minor but annoying problem, especially if you are using Dropbox to collaborate with other people or if you work on the same files from multiple devices.

This article will walk you through the process of fixing this Dropbox issue and getting your files properly synced up so that you always have the latest version of your important files saved on the cloud so you can use them from anywhere on any device.

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