Dating walking canes

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According to Marja-Leana Keast, PT, “Nordic walking has also recently been investigated as a potential rehabilitation modality for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and fibromyalgia, post-acute coronary syndrome or congestive heart failure, and orthopaedic issues such as arthritis and peripheral neuropathies.” Keast adds, “Nordic walking is great for cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation patients.” Using poles offloads weight from hips, knees and lower spine, and into the upper body, making it ideal for some clients who have arthritis or low back pain, or are easing back into activity after surgery. Her fifth novel Drawing Lessons was published in October, 2017.She lives in Toronto, when she isn’t somewhere else, and calls the south of France her second home.Pole walking targets arms, abdominals, waist, chest, bottom, hips and thighs. In particular, this helps burn the unwanted back fat and floppy arms that torment many of us!Studies have also proven that pole walking is beneficial for breast cancer treated women with arm lymphedema. With any sport or activity, it’s important to have the right equipment and instruction.This article has specific information for seniors interested in purchasing poles.The author, Pete Edwards says, “Seniors and anyone with a balance issue should never be recommended to use 2-piece or 3-piece twist-lock or flip-lock walking poles.” All Nordic walking poles have a spike tip at the bottom for walking on grass and trails.

And, if you make the walking stick yourself, a practical tool can become a point of pride.

Antique walking sticks are typically grouped into three categories: folk art canes, city sticks, and gadget (or systems) canes.

The most interesting of these is the gadget canes, which stealthily conceal everything from weapons to alcohol, perfume, or specialty equipment like medical supplies...

The real breakthrough of this activity as a practiced exercise came in 1997, when a Finnish company, in cooperation with athletes and sports medicine experts, invented a new wrist strap system to make the present-day Nordic walking technique possible.

With the proper technique and equipment – just two poles and good walking shoes – there’s an astonishing list of benefits to taking up Nordic pole walking.

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