Dating tips for visually impaired

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Often things are too far for me to see even with my glasses so I either don't see them or if they're close I might miss them if I wasn't paying attention.I don't drive because of that reason: I can't see far off and sometimes even up close I tend to get distracted and space out visually which, not surprisingly, is a bad quality in a driver.

If you make friends with a visually impaired person or choose to date one, be prepared for these things: I can't count how many times in a day I either think or say something that pokes fun at my lack of good vision.

So if you go into a friendship or relationship with one of us because you feel bad that we might not have as many friends as someone else or if you feel we aren't with someone romantically because we "aren't wanted" you might have to step back and revaluate your own reason for getting close to us because most of us won't put up with pity.

An interesting discussion is going on over on Reddit, sparked by user Fearful Jesuit_ who asked blind people to explain what sexual attraction is like for them.

I’m much more confident on my own now than I was before I met Joe.

We go on dates a lot, and restaurants are very good about walking us to our seat, offering us Braille menus (if they have some), or reading off some of the selections. Narrow down your selection to a few categories –servers don’t appreciate having to read the entire menu!

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