Dating someone different from you

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It’s like dipping a chip into a strawberry milkshake and eating it. Dating your opposite can enrich the fabulous person you already are. One of the top reasons for dating your opposite is that you still are allowed to be your own unique self.Learning and hearing about your partners experiences will also be enhanced as you discover new places, hobbies and yes even new foods! Of course this should be a given for any relationship, but two of the same sometimes makes it easier for you to lose your individuality.The spice can be anything from the clothes they wear, the way they talk or the opinions they have.You might be more shy and retiring, whilst they are loud and outgoing.

Like we talked about before, dating someone too much like yourself would become stifling, boring, and wouldn’t stimulate your personal growth after a while.

pposites attract, but they don’t make the best partners.

He didn’t want to go on dates so much as little adventures in the city.

Compatibility when online dating is a pre-requisite but going beyond that, if you are willing to try something or someone new, a wildcard (or an e Harmony ‘What If’) could bring unforeseen benefits. Someone who has a different makeup to you is exciting and intriguing.

It’s a natural magnet for enticing you and even though you’re not sure why you like it, you can’t help but want it.

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