Dating simulation games 18

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Designers and scholars need to consider the implications since the (presence-evoking) technologies are evolving quickly.

Note that the author plans a follow-up report on gender roles and sexual preferences in the sims.

as well as their contemporaries, can be seen as evidence for the very early stages of a society moving towards substituting human interaction with digital assets for experiencing intimacy and love.

Given the work culture and dating sim boom continuously depicted in Tokyo, this shift could potentially be of service within cultures that value convenience and where many feel they do not have time to invest adequately in another human being.

The benefits of this technology seem like useful supplementary tools for social interaction, but these dating sims are not without their potential adverse impacts.

In my brief engagements with the game, the response options seemed rudimentary and the interactions overtly scripted.

There was no illusion of choice or sense that the relationship had progressed organically, nor did it seem the game’s intention to provide either of those things.

These are a sub-genre of video games which center around the user forming and maintaining romantic relationships with digital partners through the use of VR/AR and (for now) rudimentary AI.

Tokyo, Japan is arguably the hub of dating sim culture, and where the conversation around these technologies is most prominent.

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