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Treatment practices need to change in order to help more people with alcohol use disorder, according to a recent article.

More than 1 million Canadians have alcohol use disorders in any given year, ...

Dating apps have already shown that they have the potential to disrupt how society finds love. Hoping to cater to a generation of app-happy singles who have grown up comfortable with the idea of building friendships online through chat rooms and Reddit threads, a new wave of intrepid players wants to find out.

Love is a major motivator both for parents and entrepreneurs, research shows.

A multidisciplinary study asks whether entrepreneurs love their companies like parents love their children. As our memories fade, we rely on our current assessment of a person to remember how we felt about them in the past, and new research suggests this extends to some of the most central figures in our ...

(“platonic love”), a kind of divine, soul-connected love.

It was based on ancient Greek philosophy of Plato, who saw the love of beauty itself as a higher, more ideal form of love than of the flesh.

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