Dating pangalan ng bansang israel

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Pinto was traveling through the Malay Archipelago at the time and he describes the Lequios islands as belonging to large group of islands many of which were rich in gold and silver.

He mentions that at that time the Portugese were familiar with Japan and China, and also with the island of "Mindanaus" or Mindanao, so the Lequois islands must have been somewhere between these two areas.

Whatever the case, we know from his own pen that Magellan thought the Lequios islands might be the same as the Biblical Tarsis and Ofir, and it may be that his idea of the position of the Lequios was partly shaped by Barbosa's book, and partly by information he may have received from Filipinos in Malacca.

Ptolemy locates both islands east of the Khruses Kersonenson the "Golden Peninsula" i.e. North of Chryse in the Periplus was Thin, which some consider the first European reference to China.

When China invaded Annam (northern Vietnam) in the first century BCE, the kingdom of Champa fortified villages along the old caravan trail.

Pigafetta states that the reason was to get near the port of "Gaticara" which was the Cattigara mentioned by Ptolemy.

In the book, Magellan's Voyage around the World, the author, Charles E.

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