Dating ex spouse after divorce

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I’ve been on a few dates with two different men since my divorce — both who are in their 40s and have gone through a divorce themselves within the past few years.I’m not a psychologist, nor am I a relationship expert, but they all still seemed so hurt, which came off as being angry.

Why Some Relationships Fail Before getting into the meat of what to do, I’d like to take a little bit of time to share with you statistics about relationships.He would go out with anyone and all his ‘encounters’ have ended horribly.He told me he didn’t take time for himself, and he jumped high for the first woman that would have him,” says Cindy a single mother of three.One of the reasons is that more often than not, women have the children more than their ex.“Dads are often dealt the additional blow of losing access to their children. They’re no longer a husband and they’re also told they’re a secondary parent,” says Garrison.

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