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"They don't deal well with overly clingy or emotional behavior." As for romance, Aries loves spontaneity.

When it comes to dating "rules", for you, there aren't any.

", your sexiness is subtle and you connect with others on an emotional, deep level that can take others by surprise.

(Have you ever had someone admit they loved you years and years after the fact—and you were oblivious?

Deep conversations over a dinner (that you probably made) is your favorite date activity.

And when it comes to sex, you're extremely intimate.

You are quite the lover, giving as much as you receive—because isn't that what love is about?

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(As you might have guessed, you love makeup sex, to which you're probably thinking: Dating style: Impulsive"Aries is hot blooded and loves the thrill of the chase," says Fox.If you're into trivia or Words With Friends then this is the sign for you."For Geminis, sociable settings are the bread and butter for any date—'d rather hang out at a bar then go to a movie or a museum.Yep, you're a true Cancer.) As a Cancer, you're not fooled by players or those who are fickle with their feelings.You know what you want, and while you're not known as being aggressive, you do know what it takes to get what you want in love.

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