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It's also a good idea to start ahead of the game by memorizing Army officer and enlisted ranks.

You will also want to memorize the Army General Orders.

That first call will be just long enough for them to tell you they are safe, and to give you their mailing address. I had a meeting with our wedding photographer and I put the phone down for just a few minutes.

If you miss that first call, it will be hard, but they will be able to leave a message with the same information.

Army BCT turns civilians into soldiers and teaches them marching, shooting, survival skills, and prepares them for life in the Army.

The Army has several training base locations including Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina; Fort Knox in Louisville, Kentucky; Fort Leonard Wood in Waynesville, Missouri; and Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma.

For me, cleaning, organizing, and wedding planning were some of the main things that I immersed myself in during this time. When I exercised I could put all my energy and feelings into my workout.

It would help me feel and look better and it helped me deal with the stress of our situation.

If working out is hard for you, try going to yoga or doing deep breathing and meditation.

Where you attend is primarily dependent upon the location of your follow-on, Advanced Individual Training (Job Training).

In fact, if you enlist in one of the Combat Arms MOS's, you very well may receive basic training and Advanced Individual Training all at one location: Fort Benning for Infantry; Fort Knox for Armor; Fort Leonard Wood for Combat Engineers, Military Police, and Chemical.

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