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Hillsong is a thoroughly modern free church that started in NZ and has since spread to Australia, London and Ukraine.They perfectly blend music, The Bible and showmanship to create what can only be described as the ‘Hillsong experience’.Hillsong is a slight variant on the Assemblies of God Pentecostal doctrine.They read from the standard Bible, believe in faith healing (Benny Hinn style), water submersion baptisms and more in a non-canon ethos called the ‘prosperity doctrine’.Are they the spirit of truth pervading my thoughts or are they the inevitable doubts of a jaded believer that has encountered the works of God in a strong way?Maybe it’s bitterness at seeing such a ‘successful’ church or, maybe I’m not right when I react to seeing young kids putting money into envelopes three times in one meeting – after all – the church need to pay bills like everyone else and have frankly huge expenses. The question is – was he talking about life on earth, or the afterlife – or perhaps were expected to be happy with our lot – live from day to day and some will be poor and some will be rich – ie we are not to be in the pursuit of money and must accept that some will be given riches and some not. It would be the opposite of Christ himself’s lifestyle whom we are asked to follow by picking up our cross. Some of the poorest people on earth are the most blessed and vice versa. I believe God doesn’t want to bless – but that we must be happy if we are not financially rich – and strive to make ourselves better – more skilled, more giving – yes – but not strive to be financially secure as in reality there is no such thing!Hillsong invests a lot of money into its music program, this has paid off big time recently with a national number one album.

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All I needed was a little reasurance that the money was going to be used in ways that Christ would have endorsed.I guess the answer to this might be seen simply by looking at Christ’s wealth whilst on earth.There is a lot of ‘negative’ stuff flying round about Hillsong Church recently. ” But is that the real Motive behind churches like Hillsong or are their motives to really serve and help the needy?All money is Gods and if Christians are going to use it for the good then great.Most churches offer up their accounts freely for all to see – and so they should… Brian Houston says you can see their books any time you want – good for him.

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