Dating a guy with low self confidence Cam sexy italiana

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The truth is there—we’re just not always listening to it.

A man struggling with self-confidence is generally not an image one finds in advertisements or popular culture.

I’ve seen this consistently over the ten years I’ve been working with guys, and it underlies many of the problems presented in the therapy room: stress management, alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, dating problems, marital fighting and employment frustrations.

Some guys don’t feel confident about their girlfriends being faithful, so they cheat.

A lot of men don’t know how to give those things to themselves, as much as they can to others.

One man confessed that he can only hold that facade up for so long, that image that tells others “everything’s fine and that I’ve got it all under control.” But it’s often the emotions that take control of the men on the inside, not the other way around.

Many guys become slaves to our negative emotions, and end up designing our lives based on that fear and insecurity.

Those external sources of self-confidence eventually fade, and the negative feelings are still there afterwards to deal with, or like many guys, to keep on avoiding.

Confronting the negative inner self critic is a large step towards increasing our self-confidence as men.

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