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Please WAIT until you receive a Notice of Bail (Courtesy Notice) from the Court.

If you do not receive your notice a week prior to your court date (noted on the bottom of your citation/ticket), please call the Traffic Division and ask them to check in the system to see if your citation/ticket has been received.

When you receive your Notice of Bail it will inform you of the amount you must pay for your citation/ticket.

Français The Regional Municipality of Durham has a Provincial Offences Office that handles charges under the Provincial Offences Act. The type of ticket you get decides what options you have. Contact the municipality that issued the ticket for information on how and where to pay.

At trial, you will enter a not guilty plea before a Justice of the Peace in a formal courtroom.

It must be filed at least five business days before your trial date. Contact our office to learn which prosecution's office to serve your Motion form. In emergencies, you can send someone to appear for you.This ticket is issued by police or by-law officers.The front of the ticket shows you how much you owe in dollars.We deal with three types of tickets: Parking tickets vary by municipality. We do not have access to your parking ticket data until the municipality notifies our court.This can take between 35 to 75 days after you get the ticket.

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