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This is activated when they press tab to leave the row (Row Validating) and the next row is populated with values from Default Values Needed I was wondering where my logic and code have failed me, instead of setting the focus to the cell containing the error it moves to the next row with the default values set but the error logo and text displayed? Thanks Rob 'Validation for day of weekends Select Case Direct Cast(current Row To Validate. You can access the values by casting the sender to the datagridview or whatever you are using, then accessing the rows there.I'm not sure how you delete them from here though as again they still have not been added to the dataset and it threw an exception in the quick test I did.As part of my validation process I need to catch Data Rows that do not satisfy the constraints imposed upon the Data Table they are being stored in.

I also explicity tried using the column name without success (see below) Data Grid View1.

What you can do is subscribe to the Data Error event (couldn't see it in the properties, so may need to be done in code.).

From here, you can check the exception etc and display a warning\do stuff before calling the Data Grid View. Remove At to remove the row from the datagridview in this event.

If you had more stringent requirements like this column needs to be below 10 etc, then you could check it in the Row Validated event and move it from the datasource.

Greetings, The code below never sets the current cell to the error location, allowing user to correct the mistake (see below), though does display the error message.

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