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It had been years since I had felt the feeling of a hot cock come inside me and the feeling was just wonderful.Plus there was absolutely no chance of getting pregnant!

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However, some times when disconnected abruptly, or upon leaving and reentering too quickly (before the chat session has a chance to end), or just a chat session that gets hung up.Soon I found myself waiting for Steve to come home so that we could fuck and our sex life was just great.One day I decided to surprise Steve by renting a porn video.Steve saw the mischievous smile on my face and said if that is what I really wanted we should try it out! Steve really enjoys fucking me anally and I remember that is what we that that fateful night. He had a medium frame, but what a cute face and butt.But my mind was clear I wanted a threesome with another guy. I think women really get a lot hornier in their 30's and all I could think about was sex. He was trying to put the weights back onto the frames when I intervened and offered to help.

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