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Her label opted to release it later that year, in the fourth quarter, but as Milian explained, new artists generally do not release their albums during that time.As a result, the album was again delayed until the first quarter of 2002; Milian believed that the public expected "a certain thing" from her when she first appeared with Ja Rule, however she wanted to record the type of music she was signed to do.For a year and a half, Milian went into a studio every day and worked with Jerkins, which is where she started meeting people in the record business.She began writing songs at the age of 17 because she needed a demo to help her obtain a recording contract.Milian has also starred in the 2010 ABC Family Original Movie Christmas Cupid, alongside Ashley Benson and Chad Michael Murray.

They inspired her to have fun, and she convinced her parents that she "did not want to be inside the TV", although it took some time to convince them.She always wanted to be in the record business, but did not know how to obtain a recording contract.During this time, she was a host for Disney Channel's series Movie Surfers, by the name of Tina.She said that "AM to PM" was a "cool record," but it was not what the public expected.Milian approached the executives at her record company, Island Def Jam, and "cussed them all out", telling them that they were not listening to her.

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