Catholic priest dating women

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Simply put, I want to find what it is about the priesthood that makes it appropriate for men rather than women.

To understand why only men should be priests, we first need to understand that a priest’s role is not simply functional.

However, I would like to suggest that there is actually a good reason why women can’t be priests.

Rather, they are also supposed to When a priest says the words of consecration over the bread and wine at Mass, he’s acting in the person of Jesus saying those very same words; when a priest says the words of absolution in confession, he’s acting in the person of Jesus offering God’s forgiveness to us.

We need to explain why maleness is essential for symbolizing Jesus but other physical characteristics are not.

For example, Jesus was Jewish, so why can non-Jews be priests?

The most common explanation for this practice is that the Apostles, the first priests, were all men.

Jesus could have very easily chosen female Apostles if he had wanted to, so it seems clear that he wanted the priesthood to be reserved for men.

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