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“They’re actually perfect for one another,” asserts the so-called “source.” From there, the outlet maintains that Cooper is also in a relationship with Lady Gaga, who won’t be happy when she learns he’s getting close to Garner.

“She’s not blind,” says the seemingly phony source.

Meanwhile, Cooper, despite the recent rumors linking him to Lady Gaga, has not dated anyone since splitting up from Shayk.

co-star “all to herself” following his recent split from Irina Shayk, but now she faces “another massive hurdle” from Aniston.

In the article titled “Jen & Bradley Sneaking Around,” Woman’s Day reported that Garner’s attempt at going incognito was foiled when someone spotted the actress “as she snuck out of Bradley Cooper’s house in Los Angeles on July 12.”Garner and Cooper have long been friends all the way back to their “Alias” days.

However, the article suggests that their relationship might have moved on to the next level and that it was a “secret date” that could be the first of many.

The actress has a boyfriend and the actor isn’t dating anyone at the moment.

Amidst the controversies involving Aniston and Cooper, recent reports allegedly suggest that their exes, Shayk and Theroux, could be dating.

The story stemmed from an unplanned meet up of Aniston and Cooper’s exes in a restaurant an unnamed source told Woman’s Today, Latin Times reported.

An alleged insider tells the magazine that Cooper has been “pouring out his heart” to the actress, who he worked with on the 2009 movie The supposed source further contends there’s “a real spark” between Aniston and Cooper, who “have become especially close” in recent weeks and the actress “has high hopes that it could be the start of something serious between them.” The anonymous tipster goes on to say that Gaga has “known for months that Bradley and Irina were going through problems, but she has tried to keep her distance because she doesn’t want to be a relationship wrecker.” Gaga supposedly “avoided dating anybody else” following her February split from ex-fiancé Christian Carino, says the “source,” adding that she “assumed Bradley would come running to her once he dumped Irina.” The unnamed tipster also says Gaga is shocked by Cooper “getting cozy with Jen – and she is furious that she’s just waltzed in and tried to steal him right from under her nose.” The suspicious insider further maintains that Aniston and Cooper have been going on secret dates in Los Angeles and chatting a lot on the phone, and the actress “has definitely been putting the smile back on his face.” But Gaga “won’t take it lying down,” says the questionable source.

“She is devastated that Jen is suddenly her rival for Bradley’s affections – and things could get pretty ugly if Jen doesn’t back off.” The tabloid’s storyline, which is based on claims from an unidentified tipster, is total fiction.

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