Are melissa o neil and rex goudie still dating

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By and by, the judges were still so inspired by her singing capacities that Melissa O’Neil proceeded to the main 32.

In the wake of scoring the most noteworthy number of votes in her semi-last gathering, again with “Solid Angel”, Melissa O’Neil was allowed a place in the last ten of the challenge.

While we are talking about her beauty, skills and professional life, we want to now take you on a ride through a Melissa O’Neil bikini photo gallery.It was the worst-kept secret in Canada: Canadian Idol winner Melissa O’Neil, 18, and runner-up Rex Goudie, 20, have been romantically involved ever since the third week of competition last year for the Idol crown.“We’re in love—I guess you can say that,” says O’Neil, adding her infamous chuckle in an exclusive interview with Weekly Scoop.From that point on, Melissa O’Neil never fell once again into the last three subsequent to conveying reliably applauded exhibitions, with Judge Zack Werner proclaiming that she was “a danger to win the entire thing”.On September 7th, in the year 2005, Melissa O’Neil made it into the last two of the challenge, close by Rex Goudie, and after yet all the more staggering exhibitions, Judge Werner broadly expressed that the features of the following day’s papers would be “King Kalan Porter is dead, long live the Queen.” During the excellent finale results appear on September 14th, in the year 2005, Melissa O’Neil crushed Goudie to be delegated the third Canadian Idol, just as the principal female victor, and when she was seventeen years old, the most youthful champ in the show’s history.

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