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The all-male leadership of an Apostolic Christian church consists of the "elders" of local congregations.

The term "elder" has a somewhat different meaning from that in other denominations.

The Apostolic Christian Church of America did not retain German language preaching.

It is a common misconception that German language preaching was a primary issue in the division.

Though sometimes referred to as the New Amish, these believers generally called themselves Evangelical Baptist.

In 1917, the church adopted a uniform name: Apostolic Christian Church.

In 1932 a second schism originated from a letter sent by elders in Europe asking for greater adherence to traditional teachings and practices.

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This testimony, commonly referred to as a "proving", typically takes place the night before the baptism and is a closed member meeting.

Because baptism is identified with a "death to sin" in Romans 6 and other New Testament writings, congregational recognition of the convert's repentance and death to sin is desired prior to baptism.

Most congregations have one elder, however some have none and in rare instances a congregation may have more than one.

The office of elder is seen as equivalent to that of a bishop as described in the epistles of 1 Timothy and Titus.

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