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Advantage: You won’t spend time (and money) on bad sources of traffic.

Disadvantage: Some sources will be more expensive than if you buy them with a RON…

But their huge advantage is that they make Media Buying easier and they offer a wide variety of support.

This, as you can imagine, is absolutely perfect for the beginner!

Once you know your sales flow, you should have a good general idea of which traffic will convert best to your offer at this point.

It helps to ask yourself questions like: Form an idea of your typical user in your head and try to target specially to him. What would you respond to, based on what you know about your traffic? There are two schools of thoughts concerning which countries you should choose to promote. But really, once you know your offer and your traffic, you will know which countries you should concentrate on.

You’ll find some won’t sell their ad space to networks as they prefer to handle their site’s traffic monetization operations on their own.A RON is the best way to go for a beginner who doesn’t know where to start.You can choose as many sources of traffic your budget will allow, but later, remember to optimize.Often a mystery for many affiliates, Media Buying is the heart of many questions that come our way at Crak Revenue. Indeed, this is very much a subject we have previously covered in past posts, but today, we would like to continue our efforts to guide you through this process. Know which ad tools you need, which offer pay model suits you best and has the best shot at making you money and profit. In need of some ad space that will reach the highest number of people but feel lost at the slightest idea of buying traffic or where to begin?

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