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The applicant shall be a competent adult 18 years of age or older.(Ordinance O-08-06, sec. 2.05.001 - Wild animals prohibited A person commits an offense if the person keeps or harbors any wild animal or reptile.For the purposes of this chapter, a wild animal means a species, including each individual of a species, that normally lives in a state of nature and is not ordinarily domesticated; or which, because of its size, vicious nature and other characteristics, would constitute a danger to human life or property greater than posed by domestic livestock or other animals permitted under this chapter.The applicant must complete a written application which will be prepared and revised from time to time, by the animal control officer(s) or his/her designee.Among other things, the application shall require the applicant to certify: (A) That the applicant is qualified for the issuance of a license (including the criteria regarding prior convictions and that no grounds for revocation exist); (B) The physical address and telephone number where the animal is being kept; and (C) That all information in the application is complete and accurate.(3) No prior convictions of certain offenses or revocation of a license.Rooms available: Study Room 1 Study Room 2 Study rooms are for non-profit use only.

The applicant must present a written certificate from a veterinarian certifying that the dog or cat has been vaccinated against rabies within the twelve-month period preceding the date the certificate is presented.(2) Written application.

Kui sind huvitab Tye, saad hotelli valida ka kodulehel olevalt kaardilt.

Meie kaardil on kogu Tye oma hotellidega, kaarti vähendades näed valitud hotelli kaugust vaatamisväärsustest ja orientiiridest, suurendades aga saad täpsemat aimu majutuskoha lähiümbrusest. Siit leiad hotellide parimad pakkumised meie hinnagarantiiga.

Hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice, newts, and salamanders shall not be considered wild animals for the purposes of this chapter. No hybrids will be grandfathered in.(Ordinance O-08-06, sec.

Suure tõenäosusega võib Tye saada sinu lemmikpuhkusepaigaks. Seetõttu leidub ka ümberkaudu hulk igale maitsele vastavaid majutuskohti, kus võib veeta öö või terve puhkuse.

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