Accommodating me

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When we arrived at the conference, we found the vendor booth with the bands, which were being demonstrated for flexibility training.

I now thought Louie was going to introduce flexibility into our training.

After hours of reading, many discussions, and plenty of time spent under the bar, this is how I see it.

Zatsiorsiky defines accommodating resistance as using special means to accommodate resistance throughout the entire range of motion rather than a specific point.

However, at the very least, they'll open your mind to different, unconventional methods that may also have some application to bodybuilding as opposed to just powerlifting.

Dave is quick to point out that he's not a bodybuilder and therefore doesn't train bodybuilders.The chains had taken my squat from 760 to 855 in 12 months and I wasn't ready to change. I became the guinea pig and within the next few months squatted my first 900.Well, if you've ever trained at Westside you know two things are for certain. Five of my teammates soon followed and 23 have now squatted 800.I thought at the time he was talking about some type of surgical tubing like aerobic instructors use.I told him I thought it was a waste of time but went along any way, you know, so he wouldn't kick my ass.

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