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"Only the list below (specify IP address)", you need to use this option for those users that aren't authenticated with Exchange server, one such situation is when you are using an application server that relays messages through Exchange.You can have to face several issues while relaying an SMTP Receive Connector for Exchange.I am especially taking the JIRA install into consideration.Such common problems faced by user while setting up a SMTP relay in JIRA install are: The user name will be removed from the ‘From’ field, Emails will be still submitted to external domain addresses or the user's name will stay intact in the ‘From’ address field but the emails couldn’t be submitted to outside domains.

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For Exchange 2003: If you have been using any CRM application such as Share Point or Dynamics and facing the above error: "550 5.7.1 Unable to relay".

She actually should have called Dell, as they are responsible for supporting any operating system they sell.

Then I pinged the server and got a good reply…Hmmmm. Instead of using smtpout.secureserver.net, put the IP address of that server in the outbound mail section in Outlook configuration.

Turns out there’s some problem, possibly on Go Daddy’s end with the name resolution on that server. This particular setup was Office 365, but I would think it doesn’t really matter what you’re using, as she was also having the same issue on her I-Pad and I-Phone.

Even though I got a reply, it still wouldn’t authenticate. As soon as we put the IP address in the configuration of both the I-Phone and the I-Pad, woohoo….. Go Daddy should be aware of this issue, but apparently they’re not.

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