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In addition to rapid prototyping, urethane molding can serve as a bridge for injection molding, as well as a low volume molding option when injection molding is Read More » CNC Milling and ISO 9008 Certified When it comes to CNC milling, prototype machining and more, get the company you can count on.PDS is not only ISO 9008 certified but also A9102 compliant, offering each client the peace of Read More » What are ISO Production Standards?This low volume production part was CNC machined using production grade plastic. This cell phone was created using rapid tooling and injection molding to create production parts for initial launch of the product.

We offer production services that include: Rapid Injection Molding and Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM). Need parts before your company launches production in China?

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We also have a close relationship with Product Development Solutions, Inc. Vista Tek leads the way in Aluminum tooling for Production plastic parts.

We have combined our technology and highly skilled staff to provide production aluminum molds to produce rapid injection molded plastic parts in as little as two weeks. A: In those two weeks we can create complex molds capable of under cuts, overmolding, insert molds and highly detailed parts out of many plastic resin materials.

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