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Many of the LTspice files are stored as an ASCII text file, which can be viewed or edited with any ASCII text editor programs.

One of the side benefits of an ASCII file format is that a schematic can be listed in a printed document / book / magazine / datasheet / research paper / homework assignment, which allows the reader to recreate LTspice files without electronic file distribution.

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too. instead of nongraphic characters --show-control-chars show nongraphic characters as-is (the default, unless program is 'ls' and output is a terminal) -Q, --quote-name enclose entry names in double quotes --quoting-style=WORD use quoting style WORD for entry names: literal, locale, shell, shell-always, shell-escape, shell-escape-always, c, escape (overrides QUOTING_STYLE environment variable) -r, --reverse reverse order while sorting -R, --recursive list subdirectories recursively -s, --size print the allocated size of each file, in blocks -S sort by file size, largest first --sort=WORD sort by WORD instead of name: none (-U), size (-S), time (-t), version (-v), extension (-X) --time=WORD with -l, show time as WORD instead of default modification time: atime or access or use (-u); ctime or status (-c); also use specified time as sort key if --sort=time (newest first) --time-style=TIME_STYLE time/date format with -l; see TIME_STYLE below -t sort by modification time, newest first -T, --tabsize=COLS assume tab stops at each COLS instead of 8 -u with -lt: sort by, and show, access time; with -l: show access time and sort by name; otherwise: sort by access time, newest first -U do not sort; list entries in directory order -v natural sort of (version) numbers within text -w, --width=COLS set output width to COLS.

0 means no limit -x list entries by lines instead of by columns -X sort alphabetically by entry extension -Z, --context print any security context of each file -1 list one file per line.

Sort entries alphabetically if none of -cftuv SUX nor --sort is specified. --si likewise, but use powers of 10 -H, --dereference-command-line follow symbolic links listed on the command line --dereference-command-line-symlink-to-dir follow each command line symbolic link that points to a directory --hide=PATTERN do not list implied entries matching shell PATTERN (overridden by -a or -A) --hyperlink[=WHEN] hyperlink file names; WHEN can be 'always' (default if omitted), 'auto', or 'never' --indicator-style=WORD append indicator with style WORD to entry names: none (default), slash (-p), file-type (--file-type), classify (-F) -i, --inode print the index number of each file -I, --ignore=PATTERN do not list implied entries matching shell PATTERN -k, --kibibytes default to 1024-byte blocks for disk usage; used only with -s and per directory totals -l use a long listing format -L, --dereference when showing file information for a symbolic link, show information for the file the link references rather than for the link itself -m fill width with a comma separated list of entries -n, --numeric-uid-gid like -l, but list numeric user and group IDs -N, --literal print entry names without quoting -o like -l, but do not list group information -p, --indicator-style=slash append / indicator to directories -q, --hide-control-chars print ?

LTspice has a "Show Change Log" screen that lists every change to the software and models since LTspice XVII was released. For example, 2Meg Hz / 2Mega Ohm represents 2000000; 3m V / 3m Ohm represents 0.003; 4u F / 4u Henry represents 0.000004.

LTspice doesn't show any subversion numbers as many software programs do, though the software "build date" could be treated as such. In LTspice, any suffix (left column) can replace the decimal point of a real number, a common format for printed schematics.

Also the TIME_STYLE environment variable sets the default style to use.

Using color to distinguish file types is disabled both by default and with --color=never.

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