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This can include having to lie flat on a bed attached to a fetal monitor and not being allowed to eat or drink anything other than clear liquids.

And sometimes, no matter what we do to try to induce labor, you may end up needing a C-section because your body just wasn’t ready to deliver.

We want the best outcome for mom and baby, and sometimes that means intervening to get a baby delivered.

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But there is a lot of soft data about the benefits to your baby going to term: Also, labor tends to be shorter if the body gets to decide when it’s ready. Without a doubt, there are medical reasons for inducing labor or doing a cesarean section.The risk of C-section is definitely higher with induction of labor compared to spontaneous labor.As for C-sections, they are major surgery, with increased blood loss and risk of infection. But children are not convenient or necessarily accommodating.You’ve spent the past 40 weeks waiting to meet your new baby. It’s hard when you have a date in mind for delivery and it goes by – especially when you’re feeling big and uncomfortable. A day passes and then a maybe even a week goes by and still no bundle of joy.

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